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Melody Anderson is a comely Canuck who came to the collective attention of American audiences in 1977 when she appeared as a Female Sweathog on the hit series Welcome Back, Kotter Melody anderson mo. I missed that videotape. “Of this party?” she asked. But I can see you got no control boy, no! con! Trol!. There is no way they could have known. Today seems to be a day of firsts for me Ive made my first ever chilli con crane (yup it was a burnt disaster!) and its also the first time Ive heard the brilliant 18 year old songwriter and producer Christoph Anderson.
Currently living in New Orleans, hes put together some incredibly catchy melodies with a funky dose of classic French Electro you may hear hints of Chromeo & Ratatat kicking around this track too. When this track ended, I instantly wanted to put it back on which for me is a great sign of a catchy track.
Always exciting when someone new and a Book Recommendations?


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